Quality Control, Fine Tuned Warp Control

Copar Warp Wacker

The Warp Wacker is an optional feature that integrates with the Copar Quality Master system. Warp Wacker continually monitors corrugated sheets on the stacker conveyor for warped conditions, and adjusts the machine automatically until flat board is produced.

With only two lasers, 1200 individual measurements can be made across machines up to 110 inches (2,9 m) wide. This ensures accurate measurements, while utilizing simple integration into existing Copar Wet End Corrugator Control system.  The Warp Wacker is the #1 tool in  corrugator warp control on the market.

Benefits and Features:Copar Warped Board Profile
· Provides full time, closed loop corrections
· Reduce waste due to warped board
· Reduce operator time correcting warped conditions
· Increase production speed since flat board is maintained
· Increase finishing department output with fewer jam ups on high speed equipment
· Real time board monitoring is displayed for troubleshooting
· 100% Solid State, No Moving Parts or Motors
· No onsite calibration needed, ever....

Plant Customizable:
Mechanical:Copar Warp Wacker Lasers
Warp Wacker can be installed on all knife levels.
The plant may choose a custom warp correction strategy. Changing a procedure typically takes less than 3 minutes, and can be done remotely.
Customizations can be made to display schedule information.

Temperature Correction:Copar CTC warp profile
Warp Wacker uses a temperature correction process to automatically adjust for warp conditions. Machine adjustments are best optimized to correct warp conditions as they occur, closest to the stacker, but can be customized per plant requirements.
Since the lasers are located just before the stacker elevator, machine adjustments are typically made with the following priority:
1. Heating Section
2. Doublebacker wrap arms
3. Singlefacer wrap arms
4. Variable Bridge Loading with Sync Master (optional)
5. Segmented Water Spray (optional)

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