Copar Products

Copar Corporation has several products to fit your corrugating needs of today and for the future. We are not limited to the corrugation process only as we do offer products for the finishing department, machine monitoring, process control, warp control, production network, real time reporting, board monitoring and various machine level controls. Please select the category the will best suit your needs.

WET END Controls

  • Copar Sync Splice Controller (CSSC 8)
  • Bridge Speed Control (BSC/WUD)
  • 368 Upgrade
  • Copar Temperature Control (CTC)
  • Warp Wacker
  • Segmented Water Sprayer (SWS 5)

  • Finishing Department

  • Jam Detector (CRMJD)
  • Digital Glue System (DGSC)
  • Adhesive Monitor (AMS)

  • Production Displays

  • Production Network

  • Product Upgrades

  • Copar 8.1 Upgrade
  • Upgrades

  • Parts Department

  • Parts

  • Copar Older system