COPAR CSSC 8.1 Upgrade
Sync Master Synchronized Splice Control Widescreen

The Sync Master 8.1 Upgrade can be implemented on all existing CSSC 8 PLC based systems. The current touchscreen and software will be upgraded to a new look and style of the Sync Master 8.1. This new package incorporates the CSSC and CTC controls into one user friendly screen which is displayed on a 23" touchscreen display.
Sync Master 8.1 Video

Copar 8.1 Widescreen Copar 8.1 Widescreen

Updated CSSC 8.1 Upgrade

1995 to 2016 Screens

Information is displayed on 23” (58.4cm) 16:9 format 1920X1080 high resolution screens
Many additional tools and features included in all upgrade packages
Designed for easy retrofit installation

Copar 8.1 Widescreen Dimensions

Key Advantages:Sync Master 8.1 Remote
· Screens are designed to minimize user interaction.
· Full Corrugator view at all times.
· Supports high definition screens with animated machine processes.
· Shear waste is displayed and recorded for order and shift.
· Operator selectable shear control.
· Sync splice accuracy is greatly improved.
· Faster and more user friendly.
· New reporting features for waste tracking

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