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Copar is dedicated to providing the highest quality state of the art electronic controls and products, to excel in customer service, both in-house and in the field. Copar provides service and spare parts for all of our products dating back to the 1960’s. For nearly 60 years, Copar has achieved a valuable reputation for providing user-friendly and robust control systems, combined with excellent customer service. With over 5000 installations across the globe, Copar has earned a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction.
Copar is committed to Service, Support and Customer Satisfaction.


Image 01


Copar Sync Splice Control

Image 02


Copar Temperature Control, Process Control

Image 03

Production Display

Corrugator and Finishing

Image 04

Warp Wacker

Process Control, Warp Control

Image 05


Segmented Water Srayer

Copar Electric

In 2019, Copar expanded its capabilities with the formation of Copar Electric. Since then, Copar Electric has installed our full corrugator process control systems across the United States and Canada. Since they are part of Copar, you can be sure your system will be installed correctly in a timely manner.
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The Copar Cares Service is a comprehensive, subscription based program that provides add-on features for both supervisors and maintenance. Copar Cares includes services such as database backups/integrity checks, production history/system usage reports, real-time machine status/database monitoring interfaces, and remote sensor diagnostics/reports.

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