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Copar is dedicated to providing the highest quality state of the art electronic controls and products, to excel in customer service, both in-house and in the field. Copar provides service and spare parts for all of our products dating back to the 1960’s. For nearly 60 years, Copar has achieved a valuable reputation for providing user-friendly and robust control systems, combined with excellent customer service. With over 5000 installations across the globe, Copar has earned a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction.
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Copar Sync Splice Main Screen

Sync Master Widescreen Upgrade Available Now!!

Upgrade your existing CSSC 8 PLC Based system to our new and improved Screens. Updated Look, 23" LED Displays, More Features, Better Controls, All aspects in one place.
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Sync Master 8.1 Video

368 Cabinet

368 Upgrade for your old and obsolete
Copar System.

Upgrade CSSC 3 through 6 to CSSC 8 Sync Master Synchronized Splice Control with Trade In. New Terminals, Wire Ways, Breakers and Relays. Allen Bradley Compact Logix Series L33 ER Processors with 24-volt power supply and input/output modules.

Sync Splice Control

368 Upgrade Info.

368 Upgrade Commercial