Quality Master, Corrugator Process Control

The Copar Quality Master Process Control maximizes product quality and consistency by continually monitoring specific parts of corrugator. Target (goal) settings are saved for each paper grade combination, and are automatically recalled at a grade change.

The Copar Quality Master Process Control allows the plant to have total and automatic controls of their wrap arms, Metering to glue roll gaps, heating section control, and steam pressure control. The Copar Quality Master Process Control also has ability to interface with bridge guide systems, steam shower, E-Stop Monitoring, and also robust reporting features. Copar Quality Master Process Control also is configurable to save all best run settings per paper board combination so next time your run the same combination the Copar Quality Master will automatically set your wrap arms, glue gaps, steam and all other parts of the corrugator so your first stack of sheets is a well bonded and flat sheet.

Process Control

The Quality Master Process Control will help your operators produce stronger board, with a better printing surface by continually monitoring and adjusting wrap arms and heating section temperatures. Target (goal) temperature values are entered, and then automatic machine adjusts are made to maintain those values. In addition, strong bonding can be made consistent by continually monitoring the starch meter gap. Customizable curves can be enabled to automatically change the amount of starch being applied as the machine changes speed. Goals are saved per grade combination. The next time the grade combination is run, the Quality Master system will automatically adjust to the previously saved settings..

Increased Production

The Production Optimized Process (P.O.P.) increases corrugator output while simultaneously producing a better quality sheet. A quality, flat sheet will run faster with fewer jam-ups, on high speed converting equipment. P.O.P. optimizes a machine’s speed by using available heat more efficiently. If enabled, the doublebacker speed automatically increases when center lined goals are met, but extra heat is available at the wrap arms or the heating section. Wi-Fi Roll Stock Screen.

Infrared Temperature Measurements with Improved Durability

· Improved Accuracy Over the Entire Temperature Range
· High Thermal Stability
· Greater Mounting Flexibility
· Field Calibration is Possible
· Includes all DC Wires and Cables, Brackets and Hardware
· 2 Year Limited Warranty

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