Copar Cares

Service Program

The Copar Cares Service is a comprehensive, subscription based program that provides add-on features for both supervisors and maintenance. Copar Cares includes services such as database backups/integrity checks, production history/system usage reports, real-time machine status/database monitoring interfaces, and remote sensor diagnostics/reports.

While Copar already has the lowest per hour service rates in the industry, Copar Cares adds even more value to our services. Copar Cares Plus and Elite tiers include significant discounts for after hours phone support and on-site technician labor charges. These plans typically pay for themselves after just one or two Copar service visits.


· Database Backup
· Production and Usage Reports
· System Audit Reports
· Alert Notification
· Web Based Reporting
· Cloud Based Reporting
· Major Fault Notification
· Mobile Device Tool
· Sensor Reports
· Phone Support
· In-Plant Labor Discounts

Subscription/renewal rates and program features are subject to change without without notice.
Features included during the signup or renewal process will be honored for 365 days from the date of purchase. Updated 06/05/2020.

Copar Cares Brochure
Contact Copar Service Department at or 708-496-1859