COPAR Bridge Speed Control 8

Tear Out Detection

The Copar Bridge Speed Control allows the plant to automatically control the quantity of the bridge material without having the operators manually speeding up the corrugator to make sure that the bridge material will not run out.

Key Advantages

Operators now will have complete control of the single facer bridge without having to worry about running out of material. The operators can also fill the bridge material for an up coming splice. With the Copar Bridge Speed control the single facers will automatically follow he Double Backer speeds without operator intervention. One of the options for the Copar Bridge Speed Control is Wrap Up Detection, what this feature does is monitor the paper at the single facers and the double backer so that if there is a paper break the Copar Bridge Speed Control system will automatically stop the double backer to minimize down time and lost production.

The Copar Bridge Speed Control 8 is a base system that can be upgraded to the full Copar Sync Master 8 system with minimal modification to your corrugator and with addition of some wheels and sensors you can enjoy the full functionality of a CSSC 8.

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